AFTER THE RAIN was born on 2012. Formed by Yun L. Diaz and Jose Icaro, they start to make several songs influenced in the 80`s, synthpop, futurepop and many others aspects of Electronic Music.

On the stage, AFTER THE RAIN have a third member playing guitars. Always playing the most possible things and the less programming, working hard to give the credibility to this genre that usually suffers

This is the advance EP of the forthcoming album “KINGS WITHOUT A CROWN” (September 2015). It contains the Single Version of “Cosmic Mission”, the Album Version of “Shining Star”, one exclusive no-album song and an special Remix of “Cosmic Mission”.


All songs composed by Yun L. Díaz
Arranged, produced and mixed by AFTER THE RAIN.
Remix made by Juani Mist3rfly.
Mastered by Cyborgdrive.
Cover design by David Ostos.AFTER THE RAIN are Yun L. Diaz (programming and guitars) and Jose Icaro (vocals, keyboards and additional programming).The songs “Cosmic Mission” and “Shining Star” will appear on the album “KINGS WITHOUT A CROWN” from Amuza Producciones.For more items of Amuza Producciones try this:
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